School Dinners

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Week 1

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Main meal Spaghetti bolognese Fish fingers Roast chicken stuffing & gravy Homemade pasty Hot dog
Choice Assorted deli wraps Cottage pie with gravy Macaroni cheese BBQ chicken fillet Homemade pizza slice
Carbohydrate Homemade garlic bread Mash Roast & creamed potatoes / garlic bread Jacket wedges Chipped potatoes
Vegetables Salad bar Peas Seasonal vegetables Broccoli / baked beans Vegetable sticks
Sweet Fruit shortbread Chocolate pudding Raspberry bun Carrot cup cake Orange cookie

Week 1 will start week commencing: 11th Sept 17, 2nd Oct 17, 23rd Oct 17, 6th Nov 17, 27th Nov 17, 18th Dec 17, 8th Jan 18, 29th Jan 18, 19th Feb 18, 12th Mar 18, 9th April 18, 30th Apr 18, 21st May 18, 4th Jun 18, 25th Jun 18, 16th Jul 18

Week 2

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Main meal Sausage yorkie with gravy Beef lasagne Roast pork, stuffing & gravy Chicken curry Chicken burger in a bun
Choice Salmon fish cake Filled tortilla boats Cauliflower cheese bake Tomato and herb pasta Tuna and cheese panini
Carbohydrate Saute potatoes Potato wedges Roast & creamed potatoes Rice / naan bread Chipped potatoes
Vegetables Sweetcorn & peas Mixed Salad Seasonal vegetables Salad bar Vegetable sticks
Sweet Apricot cookie Fruit jelly & ice cream Banana flapjack Arctic roll & fruit Fruit muffin

Week 2 will start week commencing: 18th Sept 17, 9th Oct 17, 13th Nov 17, 4th Dec 17, 15th Jan 18, 5th Feb 18, 26th Feb 18, 19th Mar 18, 16th Apr 18, 7th May 18, 11th Jun 18, 2nd Jul 18

Week 3

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Main meal Crispy battered fish fillet Chicken nuggets Roast turkey, stuffing & gravy Pizza Beef burger in a bun
Choice Sweet & sour chicken Ham pasta bake Homemade soup with a filled roll Chilli con carne Salmon goujons
Carbohydrate Potato smiles / rice Saute potatoes Roast & creamed potatoes Rice / diced potato Chipped potatoes
Vegetables Garden peas or mushy peas Sweetcorn or baked beans Seasonal vegetables Coleslaw Vegetable sticks
Sweet Mandarins / ice cream with chocolate sauce Apple crumble with custard Chocolate mousse slice Lemon cupcake Krispie cake

Week 3 will start week commencing: 25th Sept 17, 16th Oct 17, 20th Nov 17, 11th Dec 17, 22nd Jan 18, 5rd Mar 18, 23rd Apr 18, 14th May 18, 18th Jun 18, 9th Jul 18

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