FUN Club

Primary school pupils at Venerable Edward Morgan School

The FUN Club is held in the Playgroup Plus Room, which is based in the Junior Department.

Our aim at the Club is to create a family atmosphere by encouraging high standards of care, relationships and behaviour. We have a wide range of activities and we aim to motivate each child.

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Playgroup Plus

Venerable Edward Morgan School (and Playgroup Plus) is an English medium school. We also use Welsh second language with pupils. The Playgroup is open to 3/4 year olds who attend our school nursery sessions. We are situated in the Early Years Department. We are registered for no more than 24 children.

We have an ‘open door’ policy to parents in our school. If parents have any concerns or queries they are free to contact staff at any time. Children’s progress will be reported to parents at an annual Open Evening.

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Boy with butterfly at school club

The children in Playgroup Plus will be offered activities suited to their age. Staff plan to meet Early Years ‘Desirable Outcomes’ and the planning of activities will be in line with these.

The Venerable Edward Morgan Playgroup Plus is the responsibility of the School Governing Body. It is fully covered by public liability insurance and is subject to annual inspection by CIW.

Playgroup Plus Sessions

Breakfast Club

Lunchtime Cover Only

Playgroup Plus Session (Nursery Pupils)

Playgroup Plus Sessions (Early Entitlement Pupils)


Times Session Price
8:30am–3:00pm Full Day Including Breakfast £27.00 (incl Nursery Session)
9:00am–3:00pm Full Day excluding Breakfast £23.00 (incl Nursery Session)
8:30am-3:00pm Early Entitlement (EE) Friday ONLY Full Day Including Breakfast £32.00 (no Nursery Session)
9:00am–3:00pm Early Entitlement (EE) Friday ONLY Full Day excluding Breakfast £30. 00 (no Nursery Session)
8:30am–9:00am Breakfast only £5.00
11:30am-12:30pm Lunch £8.00


Children must be able to use the toilet.

A registration form must be completed by each Parent/Guardian. It is the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian to inform Playgroup Plus immediately of any new contact numbers or change of address.

Children must be collected at the end of a session and Playgroup Plus must be informed if a child is to be collected by someone other than the parent/guardian.


The children will be cared for in a staff ratio of 1-8 or 1-3 on environmental walks or trips. Staff are fully qualified in the care of early years children.

Venerable Edward Morgan understands the various needs of all pupils and recognises the unique dignity and potential of each child of God, irrespective of his/ her ability.

Playgroup Plus welcomes all children from our school nursery. We are a fully inclusive Playgroup.

Extra Curricular School Activities

Please watch this space for some exciting After School Activities.